Project by Rebecca Collins & Owen Parry, 2006


Photo: Collins & Parry

Slater Street E1, a mugging

ABOUT TOWN is an attempt to (un)(re)(dis)cover how memory relates to place, and what happens when we re-member and how we re-do to re-member, to re-call and to fix.

Located in a public space, a gallery, town hall, post office, shop, is an installation with the following instructions:

Look at the map of this town. Is there a place that reminds you of a particular event that you would like to revisit? Pinpoint the place and leave a voicemail on the recorder along with your email address. Rebecca and Owen will be in touch within 1 month with a photogrpah of them re-enacting your story.

The participant never sees the live re-enactment of their experience, and never meets Rebecca and Owen, but receives a photograph as documentation of its happening.

Performed in various locations