By Mitch & Parry

"A particular favourite of ours was the Anger Management Olympics... Very satisfying!"


Boys Magazine

Duckie's Gay Shame 2008


AMO is all the fun of the fair with a cathartic edge.

Part ancient Greek gymnasium, part village fete, Mitch & Parry invited punters to write something that makes them angry on a plate, step inside the stall, strap on some safety goggles, take 3 clay balls and aim them at their plate which is hung on a traditional Welsh dresser.


Exploring the power of anger and the need for cathartic expression the hung plates and smashed debris tell fragmented stories of broken promises, unfaithfulness, ignorance, intolerance, and personal struggle. Themes ranged from the personal "mam" or "dad" or "My ex boyfriend", to broader themes of "homophobia" and "sex abuse" amongst others.


People really became obsessed with smashing their plate and came back for more!


Bespoke costumes by David Curtis-Ring

Cocks by Mitch & Parry


See also Mitchelino & Parriola at Gay Shame: Femininity! (2009)

Photo: Christa Holka