A public intervention by Owen Parry, 2008

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Drawing influence from minimalist tendencies and street activism, Good As Gold attempts to disrupt public space and question the value of small gestures by offering minute yet spectacular suprises through everyday interaction.


The intervention includes an audio document of a boy who attempts to track Owen down by interviewing the locals and following his glittery traces. "Have you seen the guy with glitter on his hands?"






Whitechapel Gallery: Undrneath the Arches at Palm Tree pub, included tribute to living sculptures by Gilbert & George, performed with David Curtis-Ring (Nov 2008)


Greenroom Manchester: Street intervention and exhibition of audio documents and glitter sculptures (Sep 2008)


Chatsworth Road London (Sep 2008)


Petticoat Lane London (Aug 2008)





   Object: Paper and Glitter. Size: 3 cm high, 3.5 cm diameter


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Photo: Whitechapel Gallery

Photo: Tamsin  Drury