Performance by Rebecca Collins & Owen Parry, 2006

DSC04182 Dorchester+481-1

She's got a handbag full of nails, he's got a pillow full of feathers, they both invite people to dip their hands in have a feel around and leave a story to be read aloud anonymously.

Each written story is shredded at the threshhold between Hard and Soft.



HARD SOFT is a site specific performance and installation in 2 parts: an interactive collection of memories (1) and a regurgitation of those fragmented memories anonymously along with the performers personal memories and responses as they traverse the performance space in pain and in comfort (2)



ARENA Festival, Nurnberg, Germany (2006)

Dorchester Festival, Dorset (2006)

Act Art 3, London (2006)

Nolia's Gallery, London (2006)





Photo: Paula Cavali, Dorchester Festival

Photo: Maria Agiomygiannaki