Lola & Stephen: Episode 1


crap2 crap3

I love cold things, i love freezing cold things... that's just my thing

There was shit everywhere... there was shit on her desktop, in her orifice, on her  lamp, there was shit on the skirting boards, she took a damp rag and cleaned the shit

Where does the shit come from?

Where does the shit come from?

Lola & Stephen is a series of 5 minute lo-fi TV episodes shot on a Sony handycam, 2011



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Hayward Gallery, I'm With You at the Sundown School House of Queer Home Economics (16 June 2012)

The Basement, Cruising for Art (by Brian Lobel), Brighton (10 Dec 2011)

Parataxis III (by Eleanor Weber), The haircut before the party, London (Nov 2011)

I'm With You, Vogue Fabrics, London (Oct 2011)

Metal Lab, Chalkwell House, Southend on sea (Oct 2011)