Ongoing collaboration with Cretan born sensation

Eirini Kartsaki on the unfinished business of sentimentality



Lola:   I always wonder, what time does this party start?

         Or is it an orgy? Because if it is, I'd rather change

         and wear my feather hat and bow in the entrance...

    Stephen:   We wanted it to look like we'd been on safari, or a cruise,

                    like we were made of money...

Photo: Christa Holka

There is always a cover...this is our cover


Lola & Stephen haven't stopped performing since they first met at a swinger's turkey curry buffet in 2004. It was something about Lola's exquisite way with words and brutal demand for constant pleasure and Stephen's penchant for posing and intrepid glamour that brought the two together. "She was the Yoko to my Ono"  and "he was the Marina to my wonderful Ulay," the two exclaim. It wasn't long before they were set to work making performances for toilet trawlers in nightclubs and upper class scholars.


Although it hasn't been an easy ride, after a severe breakup in 2006 and much therapeutic letter writing, the duo are back with an ever expanding catalogue of works ranging from their 'Arse Talks' and new television series 'Lola & Stephen' premiered in 2011.


They are the perfect invite to any dinner party.

Performances and Screenings:


Basement, Cruising for Art, Brighton (10 Dec 2011)

Parataxis iii, The haircut before the party, London

(Nov 2011)

Im With You, Vogue Fabrics, London (Oct 2011)

im With You, Cliff House, Scarborough (Jul 2011)

Im With You, London (Dec 2010)