Performance by Owen Parry & Elena Trivelli, 2008

(5 mins)

"Owen Parry & Elena were a hoot. Mr. Parry was wearing an oversized sweater ala Ann-Margaret’s reverse strip in Bye Bye Birdie and the sheer nuttyness of his music hall style short format piece was hilarious"


Vaginal Davis 

Milk Thing never really had a name. It was something about milk, wool and celery. It was something about getting caught with your knickers round your ankles and showing off how hard you could be.


Originally conceived as a response to Fireworks (1947) by experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger, the performance draws on the not-so-subtle imagery and symbolism of the film: the pyrotechnic phallus, the rivers of milk, the violence and danger, the dreamer's erotic encounters through a journey into the 'Gents' are all transformed through a series of fast-live actions that leave no time for loving these messy show offs.



Duckie, London (Feb 2010)

RoundHouse, Klein Kunst II, London (Nov 2009)

Eat Your Heart Out, Hackney Empire, London (Oct 2009)

Queen Mary, University of London (Dec 2008)

All Photos: Christa Holka