Photo: Christa Holka

An installation and performance, 2010 (5 mins)
by Owen Parry & R. Justin Hunt


Las HER Man(o)s Nail bar

"We all love a good hand job from time to time, and Las HER Man(o)s certainly know how to give 'em. Treat yourself to a double ended MAN-OH-cure with a difference."

Participants were invited to relax into semi therapeutic/semi theatrical performance gently instigated through the curious question: Now, what can we do with these hands?

Nail Bar also featured a short format staged action with original dance score, deranged body collage, and glitter-mess catastrophe


Eat Your Heart Out, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh
(Aug 2010)
Cruising for Art by Brian Lobel, Forest Fringe, Edinburgh (Aug 2010)