In this performance Mitch and Parry explore the body as material; its plain external surfaces and messy internal offerings and the magical joining of bodies made of liquid.


As a continuation of their previous spit work with I Host You, Oceans Apart sees the body’s orifices as sanctuaries this time, as vestibules for capturing translucent gifts – the body's holes as safe spaces, as desiring holes, the place of entry and exit. Time is measured in this piece through the time it takes to love – an intimate and single transfer of fluid that carefully keeps coming.


One wonders how this exchange will end, if it will break, or if it will continue, always.


Performance by Mitch & Parry, 2010 (8 mins)

Photo: Tristan Spill, Permanent Gallery, Brighton


"Oceans Apart... takes place in the so called 'real' and the 'fictional' worlds that is both intimate and daringly pornographic, but somehow deliberately shy and ordinary in its gesture towards the explicit...The House with the Ocean View , the title of Abramovic's piece, could not have been more different from Mitch and Parry's Oceans Apart."


Sara Jane Bailes, Author of Performance Theatre and the Poetics of Failure (2010)



Duckie, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre, London

(Aug 2011)

Trouble Festival, Les Halles, Brussells, Belgium (Apr 2011)

Duckie, London (Nov 2010)

Sacred Cabaret, Chelsea Theatre, London (Oct 2010)

Live @ 8, Gallway, Ireland (Sep 2010)

Duckie, Performance & Cocktales, London (Aug 2010)

Shunt, London (Apr 2010)

Testing Grounds, Permanent Gallery, Brighton (Mar 2010)

Im With You, MKii, London (Feb 2010)