Rope Piece is the first performance by Mitch & Parry. It started on the morning of 27th March 2008 and finished on the morning of 28th March 2008 .


After being invited by artist Claire Blundell Jones to perform kissing besides the infamous Rodin sculpture The Kiss (1889), Andrew (Mitch) invited Owen (Parry) to join him in the durational kissing session at the Tate Liverpool.


The not quite yet duo, decided to embrace this project and use the experience to get to know more about each other and to begin a dialogue about their respective interests in performance and their uncannily similar backgrounds. They decided to meet under the clock at Euston Station and perform their first kiss before they took the train to Liverpool - a kind of 'rehearsal' if you like. Their first kiss lasted about 1 minute amongst the busy morning commuters at Euston Station.  Armed with cappuccino's and rope, Parry suggested that they symbolically be tied together for the duration of the day, whilst also paying tribute to great historical collaborations in performance history such as Tehching Hsieh and Linda Montano's one year performance titled Art/Life (1983-84). Mitch agreed and they both decided to make fruit of this experience of being besides one another for 24 hours until they returned to London the next day.


Tied together by an orange rope with about one meter slack, they boarded the train to Liverpool and when they arrived almost 3 hours later, made their way to the Tate Liverpool via a burgar-in-a-bap bistro lunch. They decided that the rope might interfere with the 'look' of the Kissing Performance organised by Claire, and so decided to remove the rope for the performance, but to remain holding hands for the remaining duration of the day.


They performed kissing for 1 hour (i think) next to Rodin's marble sculpture at the Tate Liverpool with several other couples Claire had invited. After the performance they enjoyed the rest of their time in Liverpool until they had to board the overnight coach back to London via Birmingham and Heathrow airport.


Walking through the high street in Liverpool on a busy Friday night, several people noticed their hand-holding, and some even passed comment or kindly offered them advice on where and where not to go on a Friday night in Liverpool. Some seemed concerned for their safety. But Mitch & Parry said they were just holding hands. Everyone assumed that the duo were 'together' that day, and were often shocked to hear that they weren't... and so began the fruit of their collaborations which always seems to tread the curious borders and contours of the real and the fictional, the promiscuous and the intimate, of joining and separating, of standing up and standing out.


They both boarded the National Express coach at midnight, and slept almost all the way back to London Victoria after a hard days kissing, where they arrived the next morning and went to work.

A story about Mitch & Parry

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