A Musical Performance for a balcony  

by Owen Parry, 2010

The serenade is underrated.


A serenade is a  musical composition and/or performance that takes place in public and usually in someone's honour. Typically serenades are calm, light music as in the Italian 'serenata', and sung by one person accompanying himself on a portable instrument.


For some, the serenade is the ultimate public act of affection and/or humiliation. It is high romance and sentimental spectacle - an intimacy on show for all the town to see.


In this peformance Owen serenaded himself by recording a song and playing it back on a portable ghetto blaster which he placed outside at the foot of an open window where he sat and was publicly serenaded.


Serenade is a performance for a balcony or window ledge, or even someone you love. It can be done by anyone, for anyone.



All work Owen G Parry © 2011